About Us

Welcome to Discount By Hour, a discount site for small businesses and anyone looking for a bargain. We pride ourselves on our desire to make things easier for businesses and consumers. With Discount By Hour, the business owner controls what discounts they want to offer, and when. Looks like bargains just got a whole lot easier!

Created to help promote small businesses who struggle with marketing, Discount By Hour is the more affordable way to advertise. While other deal sites out there overcharge businesses, we're an option that's both affordable and easy! Whether you're a restaurant, retail store or beauty spa, Discount By Hour is solution to promote your business.

What makes us unique? Unlike other deal sites out there, Discount By Hour provides discounts by the hour and not the day. No more buying deals in advance and waiting for days before you can use it. Business owners simply fill out a timetable and choose the discount percentage they'd like to offer customers every hour. No more hassle and haggling over prices, and having to find magnifying glass to read fine prints. The ONLY fine print with Discount By Hour is, it can't be combined with any other offer. Discount By Hour is designed to get discounts out faster to great customers like you!

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